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The Ghost Plane of La Fosse

On 24 december 2021 Joey van Meesen‘s long awaited documentary of the Ghost plane of La Fosse was published on the Snafu Doc Youtube channel.
We have choosen to make the film visible and accesable for free, because we think this story is important to tell.
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Comments on the documentary:

What did other people think of The Ghost plane of La Fosse? Here are some of the comments!
Très beau documentaire. Très émouvant. Merci à vous; Ludovic
Awesome, respect for Victor and the crew for seeing this through; Maverick
Wow! This is so very interesting. I think of all the dedication and determination he put into finding who the crew was in this plane crash. Such a kind thing to do. Thanks for documenting this for us; Paul
Outstanding video. It was truly emotional to watch the efforts of the team to find, recognize, and then honor the crew of “King Size”; First City Traveller
If someone made a movie about Parachute Pete I’d watch that. Hard to believe he was able to survive two crashes in a few week period. Amazing work SNAFU DOCS; Mont
Phenomenal documentary. Truly the greatest generation; Darren
Exceptionally well done!! Thank you to all involved especially Victor who never gave up his quest. Thank you so much from this son of a WW2 Battle of the Bulge survivor; Joseph
Outstanding work Joey, and congrats to the whole team for such an amazing story! I’m honored to have visited the site and to hear Bob tell the story first hand in Feb. 2020; Ron
The Greatest Generation! Joey you are making it hard on yourself to top this one!; Chris
That was outstanding! Really enjoyed this & especially Mr Yansenne!!! What an Awesome guy!!!; Mick
Merci beaucoup pour le partage de ce beau reportage vraiment très intéressant et émouvant; Thierry
I was especially moved because my late dad was in the war (but stateside with the Navy). Dad would have been 100 this year, so these men were his peers. Thank you for finding and preserving history; P.J.
What an amazing story, 100% praise to Victor Yansenne for his dedication to the crew of ‘King Size’, one of many MIA aircraft and crew that are still being recovered to this day. Lest We Forget; Mr. Tibbs
Just waw.The perseverance of this peoples is amazing.Victors dream came reality.I will soon visit the memory and show respect for the crew and all soldiers who gave their young live for the liberation of Europe; Marc
Not a dry eye in our house. We knew of so many that fought and lived to tell, and knew of so many who never returned. I personally knew those who fought and lived, barely. Some walking wounded till the end of their days. We must never forget Americas sacrifice of her youth for Europe, thrice in a century, and all who sacrificed; Emily
Amazing film, brilliant and emotional story. Thankyou for sharing this, I hope there’s more films like this in the future. Great work SNAFU DOCS; Lee
I loved this! Very well made, great subject and big respect to you and your team Joey. I appreciate the time that goes into making these documentaries on limited budgets but am excited to see the next one whenever the time comes; James
This should be shown every school so this is never forgotten maybe something might sink into the youth of tomorrow; Doug
Another home run boys! Absolutely amazing work; jmpmc
Words failed me, but the tears I shed watching this I expressed in my thoughts!; Elmer
Feel compelled to comment. Just watched this video , and I was so moved by your research, passion and dedication to telll Vic’s story. Not to mention honouring those poor chaps that crahsed. Chuffed that this is the last Youtube video of 2021 for me. Love you channel & thank you for taking the time to document these events of 1944; Richard
What a wonderful man Victor is. Very touching video, it actually made me quite sad. Very nicely done, thankyou and may me never forget.; Rob
Being a 75 yo veteran myself, I had to breath deep to avoid a flood of tears. Eternal Thanks to the efforts and memories of a six year old. We are all honored; Joe

Bob has been researching the B-24 crashsite from june 2013 till november 2017. He runs a B&B in the hamlet of Grandmenil since 2008 and researches the events of the Battle of the Bulge. www.grandmenil.com www.battle-of-the-bulge.be