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Opening MHM44 museum in Grandmenil

On september 30th 2018 the Manhay History 44 Museum was opened. Owner and currator Patrice Dalrue, together with his wife Maggie and his mother, spent months and months working to get the job done . And finally it was there: the grand opening.
What is special to us, is that the museum invited us to make a display for findings and the story of the B-24 King Size. And so we did. Son Tom Konings and myself spent some time in the basement, sorting out the best pieces for the display.
On september 30th we invited Victor and his wife Jacqueline to see it.
Besides the B24, attention is paid to the battles in and around Manhay and Grandmenil, during the battle of the bulge, december and january 1944.

More information about the museum: www.mhm44.be

Bob has been researching the B-24 crashsite from june 2013 till november 2017. He runs a B&B in the hamlet of Grandmenil since 2008 and researches the events of the Battle of the Bulge. www.grandmenil.com www.battle-of-the-bulge.be