Robert James Ball

Birthplace: Abington
ASN: 13200525
Birthdate: october 2, 1925
Position in plane: Nose turret
Rank: S/ Sgt
Returned home, passed away on october 26th 1991, Seattle/ Washington
Burial: Seattle
Medals: European–African–Middle Eastern Campaign Medal, with 4 bronze stars, airmedal with 3 oak leave clusters, Distinguished Flying Cross.

Robert “Bob” James Ball jr entered military services on 26th october 1943. From the beginning he wanted to be in an airplane and wanted to become a pilot.

While the King Size was attacked a second time, Ball jumped out of the plane before Peter Ferdinand got out. When Peter entered the nosewheel with Walter Eberly, he was already gone.
Bob lands behind enemy lines and is later picked up by an American patrol. A bit later he is reunited with Peter Ferdinand and the are brought back to England.

After the crash, Robert stayed shortly in the Airforce. The reports stated that he had several problems, caused by the crash.
On february 4th 1945: “25 dec 1944 – while on 29th operational mission in B-24 type Aircraft his plane was shotdown  by enemy fighters and he parachuted to safety. Has been nervous, somewhat tense, and restless since then, and apprehensive of flying. Tour was considered complete and return Z of I recommended.”

Robert has contact with Peter for a while and they write letters to eachother. They have several meetings. During the last one, in the China Doll in New York, Robert excuses himself and goes to the bathroom. He never showed up again.
The last letter of Robert Ball has the poststamp january 25th 1946.

On march 6th 1946 another report states: “Extreme nervousness and unstabillity and unable to perform work because of this condition. Influenza jan 1944, Laredo, Texas AAF hsp.

In november and december 1951 Robert recieves letters from captain Walter Peters, USAF assistant Reserve affairs, with the question if he wants to re-enlist in the involentary extension in the USAF Reserve, wich experires in january 1952. Bob Ball does not respond to those letters.

We found that Robert James Ball jr passed away on october 26th 1991.

Bob has been researching the B-24 crashsite from june 2013 till november 2017. He runs a B&B in the hamlet of Grandmenil since 2008 and researches the events of the Battle of the Bulge.