• Story

    Part 3: Giving up

    In October 2017, I run out of ideas. The months before we were presuming that Victor remembered the date wrong. So we expanded our search between the 17th of december 1944 till the beginning of january 1945. Myra already pulled…

  • Crew

    Robert James Ball

    – Birthplace: Abington – ASN: 13200525 – Birthdate: october 2, 1925 – Position in plane: Nose turret – Rank: S/ Sgt – Returned home, passed away on october 26th 1991, Seattle/ Washington – Burial: Seattle – Medals: European–African–Middle Eastern Campaign Medal,…

  • Edward ORourke
    B24,  Crew

    Edward J. O’Rourke

    – Birthplace: Bronx, NY – ASN: o-826273 – Birthdate: unknown – Position in plane: co Pilot – Rank: 1st Lt – KIA: december 25th 1944 – Burial: Unknown – Medals: unknown Storyline: We dont have any information about Edward O’Rourke.…